Metal Spinning: we have an onsite metal spinner

  • 20+ years experience spinning HVAC parts like raincap domes and very thin flashings and flanges
  • spin flanges too deep for flanging machines and parts as thin as .018″ galvanized or galvalume
  • seamless air-moving shapes and rings
  • 16 ga. C.R. shapes for plastic moulding
  • can compete with computer production on many jobs

Other Spinning Jobs:

* commercial kitchenware

* brass or silver ornamentals and church goods like quality bowls, cups & Vases

* expererience with antique auto parts and custom hub caps


      * we offer prompt cutting/slitting service for medium/light gauge galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel materials.

Other Services

* we offer custom fabrication services as per customer’s drawing/specification