Our goal is to be a one stop fabricating shop for the heating industry.

Type B Gas Vents

ULC listed for residential (3″ – 8″), Commercial ( 10″ – 14″) and Industrial (16″ – 30″) applications. This is a prefabricated metal gas vent for use with approved gas appliances which produce flue gas temperatures at the outlet of the draft not in excess of 245 C (470 F) or appliance without draft hoods producing flue gases not in excess of 245 C (470 F). The vent consist of factory made parts, designed to be assembled without requiring field fabrication. These products have been investigated to, and found in compliance with the Standard for Gas Vents, CAN/ULC S605 M91.

We can fabricate sizes bigger than 30″ diameter, which will be subject to installer’s engineer’s approval.

Model Bel A – 540 C and 760 C Industrial Chimney

ULC listed for sizes 4″ – 36″. These chimneys are intended for venting of gas and oil fired building heating equipment where the flue gas temperature does not normally exceed 760 C (1400 F)  continiously and 980 C for infrequent periods. The chimney consists of a stainless steel liner and outer shell. The inner liner is wrapped with 2″ thick blanket of mineral wool insulation. These products have been investigated to, and found in compliance with the Recognized Documented Requirements for the Investigation of 540 C and 760 C Industrial Chimneys, ULC/ORD C959 1993.

Other Products

Galvanized Elbows

Galvanized Pipes – round and oval

Galvanized Tees & Reduction Tees

Galvanized Wyes & Reduction Wyes

Galvanized Plugs and Caps – spun & 2 piece, spun reversible tee caps

Galvanized Saddle Pipe Take Offs

Galvanized Tee Collars – 90 and 45 degrees

Galvanized Fresh Air Intakes

Galvanized Exhaust Hoods

Galvanized Tapered Increasers

Galvanized Close (Plug) Increasers

Galvanized Stubby Increasers & Reducers – LE/LE, LE/SE, SE/SE

Galvanized Eccentric Increasers & Reducers – LE/LE, LE/SE, SE/SE

Galvanized Raincaps

Galvanized Roof Jacks – with screen or damper

Combustion Air Buckets

Galvanized Joist Lining

Universal Take Offs

Top Take Offs (Square to Round)

Saddle Take Offs

Two Way Take Offs

Adjustable Elbow Take Offs

Side Take Offs (Square to Round)

Residential Angle Boots

Residential End Boots

Residential Universal Boots

Residential Basement Boots

Residential Exhaust Fan SE Angle, End  & Universal Boots

Filter Racks (with or without door)

Residential Small & Large End Pipe Collars

Residential Pipe Dampers (Single Stem)

Commercial Pipe Dampers

Tap In Collars

Commercial Spin In Collars (also available with damper)

Commercial Pipe Access Doors

Button Lock Duct

Duct Damper

Reduction Panels for Duct

S Cleats & Drive Cleats

Duct Hangers

Pipe Supports

Brochure Holders

Hanger Strap (Rolls)

Plenum w/ Cap

Duct End Caps

Duct Reducers

Duct Tees & Wyes

Shortway Elbows (45 or 90 degrees)

Longway Elbows (45 or 90 degrees)

Duct Cut In Collars (2.5″, 10″, 12″ long)

Plenum Take Offs (Straight, 2″, 3″ 4″ rise)

Taper Plenum Take Offs 4″ Rise

Duct Risers

Horizontal Draft Diverters

Vertical Draft Diverters

Spiral Pipe Connectors

Weather Louvres

Oval Boots (Angle, End, Universal)

Aluminum Elbows

Aluminum Pipes

Aluminum Tees & Wyes

Aluminum Tee Collars w/ Saddle

Aluminum Increasers & Reducers